11 Tips To Enjoy Italy On A Budget

Italy is a country of many wonders. Beautiful cities, gorgeous countryside, mountains that tempt even the most reluctant of hikers, beautiful lakes surrounded by picture perfect villages, amazing beaches and the oh so tasty food are all good reasons to visit il bel Paese. However, travelling in Italy can blow your budget and turn into a splurge. The good news is that it is possible to visit Italy on a tight budget, by following 11 simple tips.

1.) Pack some good walking shoes.

The best way to explore cities in Italy is by walking around. Many cities have pedestrian areas. Besides, walking is good exercise!

2.) Find out when museums have free entrances.

There are plenty of museums that are free to visit at least once per month. For example, entry to the Vatican museums is free on the last Sunday of each month. The best thing to do is to check the website of the museum you care to visit.

3.) Have gelato for lunch. 

It is delicious, it is healthy, it has proteins, carbs and vitamins and it is refreshing when it is so hot outside. Not to mention, it really isn’t expensive at all.

4.) Plan to have a happy hour dinner.

Italians love their aperitivo: for the average price of 10 euro you can have a drink and access to a buffet. Food can be anything from fancy and gourmet to plain and simple, but it always is tasty and abundant. Check out what the best places in town are.

5.) Fill up your water bottle at a public fountain.

Rome is packed with drinking fountains and the water is always nice and cold. This is good for the environment, not to mention your pockets.

6.) Visit the churches during mass.

If you sneak in during the service, you won’t be asked to pay an admission fee. Most churches are free to enter anyways!

7.) Attend a notte bianca.

Lots of cities in Italy regularly organize nights during which museums and shops stay open till late, and the streets are packed with free concerts. They are a lot of fun.

8.) Go to the beach.

Lots of beaches in Italy are free. You only need to carry your towel, your umbrella, and whatever you may need during the day.

9.) Go on a hike.

Trails are usually very well signaled and you hardly need a guide. Just carry plenty of water and snacks, and wear a lot of sunblock.

10.) Go to an open air music festival.

Should you find yourself in the mountains or at the beach in Sardinia, plan to listen to some fabulous jazz. Concerts are free to attend and they take place in lovely locations, at any time of the day or night.

11.) Watch gas prices.

In case you are hiring a car in Italy, make sure to fill up your tank either at night or at the weekend. Petrol is expensive but there are considerable discounts if you make the effort and wait.


Are you ready to enjoy Italy now?

About the Author: Clayton Miller

Hello Readers! My name is Clayton and I love to travel. My favorite ways to travel are cruises, trains, road trips, and flying (as long as I am not in the middle seat). I have set foot on six continents and I look forward to reaching all seven one day soon.