20 Incredible Facts About Europe You Probably Never Knew

2.) Top 10 Visited Countries In Europe

The recent events taking place in the world have really put a damper on travel within and to Europe, but prior to the virus taking foot, these were the statistics for European destinations in 2019.  Taking the lead in first place was France, followed by Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, and Turkey.

1.) France 86.9 million
2.) Spain 81.8 million
3.) Italy 58.3 million
4.) United Kingdom 37.7 million
5.) Turkey 37.6 million
6.) Germany 37.5 million
7.) Austria 29.5 million
8.) Greece 27.2 million
9.) Russia 24.4 million
10.) Portugal 21.2 million

Hopefully things improve and people can resume traveling and exploring Europe soon.  By the way, do you know what town in Europe has the longest name?  Find out on the next page!

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