3 Luxury Locations You’ll Probably Never Experience

Luxury has no limit. With a limitless number of luxury travel destinations in Europe and America, you will probably miss out the following luxury travel destinations, as most are too expensive for even the most successful of us.


Indonesia, especially Bali, is always mentioned as one of the top luxury travel destinations in Asia. The country is made up of more than 18,000 volcanic islands and boasts of some remarkably beautiful beaches, delectable cuisines, and some relaxing spas. A combination of fascinating cultures along with exotic wildlife attract tourists from all around the world. Indonesia also offers fantastic diving experiences as well as a wide range of luxury resorts to make your stay delightful and an unforgettable one. Indonesia is surely one of the never-miss luxury travel destinations for someone who claims himself or herself as an avid luxury traveler.

The Maldives

The Maldives is a country of wonderful tropical beauty. Consisting of 26 atolls it is one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Laccadive Sea. At exactly 1.5 meters above the sea level, it is expected to disappear if the sea level keeps on rising. With picturesque beaches, comforting spas, stunning private islands, wonderful floating villas, fresh seafood and a wide range of water sports are the main features of the Maldives.

Spectacular corals and exclusive marine life offer a unique diving experience whilst white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters of the Maldives will ensure you will keep being surprised experiencing every bit of Maldives. It’s a paradise for photographers with breathtaking sights all around. If you don’t visit this beautiful island nation soon, there is every chance you will never get the chance to experience one of the unique luxury travel destinations around the world.


The stunning Caribbean islands are among the top luxury travel destinations around the world. If there is a single Caribbean island you need to visit, it’s Barbados.

Barbados is one of the most populous and most developed Caribbean islands with most luxury properties per sq. mile in all of Caribbean. Breathtaking landscapes, unique cultures, stunning beaches, amazing foods and wonderful locals make it a perfect luxury travel destination. Barbados is a place where sophisticated and luxury hotels offer internationally acclaimed cuisines along the beautiful coastline that wraps around the country. Although the Spanish and Portuguese originally occupied the island, cultural remnants of British rule are apparent across the country.

Barbados never disappoints a luxury traveler looking for a simple peaceful escape or an adventure of a lifetime. Mid-December through May is the perfect time to visit this wonderful island. Some ‘must do’ activities in Barbados include visiting Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Pelican Craft Village, visiting the Parliament buildings and mingling with the locals.

Indonesia, Maldives and Barbados boast stunningly beautiful landscapes, unique cultures, wonderful range of foods and welcoming locals. These destinations are at the pinnacle of luxury. If these destinations are not in your bucket list, make sure you add them today to have some unforgettable experiences of your lifetime.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

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