5 Must Visit Famous Attractions In China

China is a fusion of modern super-developed city life, ancient culture and history, and expanses of beautiful natural splendor. It can be a challenging travel destination; one that invokes feelings of language barriers, and crowded streets, far-out culture that is so vastly different from home. That is why you want to go, right? Here are five must visit famous attractions in China, to help spark your urges to visit:

1.) Great Wall Of China

Where else to start but the most famous attraction in China. The Great Wall has a history spanning 2000 years, and is actually a collection of smaller walls, built by various dynasties to protect China from invading forces. The most recent addition to the Wall was added during the Ming Dynasty, from 1368-1644 AD. Altogether, the Great Wall of China spans nearly 9000km, making it the longest man-made structure in the world.

You can access the Badaling section of the Wall from Beijing, but it is often crowded with tourists. If you want a quieter experience, consider exploring other sections, such as Nan Pas, or the Mutianyu section. Whatever section you choose to explore, be sure to check out this marvel of architecture, demonstration of the military might of China, and the beautiful scenery that surrounds it.


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