5 Things You Can Only Do If Visiting Thailand

When in Thailand, there are some things that you should and should not do. While experiencing the culture is a must, we come today with a rather unusual suggestion and encourage you to step a bit on the wild side. In today’s article we propose you to enjoy a little more of the natural parts of Thailand and engage in some thrilling and nature exploring activities.

1.) Go diving at the Big Blue Diving Resort – Koh Tao

We start our recommendations with a deep introspect (pun intended) into the amazing Thailand sea life. Take a once in a lifetime opportunity and dive into the surrounding waters of the Koh Tao Island.

Also known as Turtle Island, Koh Tao has a relative shot history, being discovered about 100 years ago. After being used as a simple shelter for weary travelers and lost fisherman, the island of Koh Tao is visited and marked by the King of Thailand. Starting with 1930, the island was used to house political prisoners, this going on until 1947, when the Thai Prime Minister decided to pardon all of those who were on this island. This led to the island being again abandoned but it did not remain this way for long. The fishermen started using again this island as their own and eventually claimed a big part of the land as their own. Soon after they brought their families and started cultivating the land. They were growing vegetables, harvested coconuts and fished and soon started trading their goods with their neighbors from Koh Phangan. This lead to their population growing in numbers and soon attracting visitors from all over.

The first pioneer to built a diving shop on Koh Tao was a Italian man who named his shop Red Rock, White Rock and Green Rock, after the colors of the Italian flag. In order to get more customers, he would bring people from Koh Samui for an a diving safari and an overnight stay on the island. In 1990 a Swede who had taken a diving course on the island discovered his passion for diving and decided to open his own diving shop, which would be the second on the island, Big Blue Diving.

Today, Big Blue Diving has grown into Koh Tao’s most recommended dive center which includes accommodations ranging from free dormitories to poolside air-conditioned rooms with idyllic sunset views and a gorgeous beachfront Restaurant & Bar that features the most delicious local dishes. So if you’re going to spend a vacation in Thailand, make sure that you include diving around the waters of the Koh Tao island on your activity list.

2.) Go Sea kayaking in the Krabi province

Krabi is a southern province of Thailand and, from what is known regarding its history, may be the country’s oldest continued settlement. There have been pieces of evidence such as stone tools, ancient colored pictures, beads, pottery and even skeletal remains that attest to life existing in these parts since 25,000-35,000 BCE. But the history of this place is just one of the many reasons to visit.

When it comes to tourism, a big part of the province was divided into several national parks. There are over 80 small islands part of the Krabi province and they are all worth your time. But to save you a little exploring and send you on the right track, we can say that the most popular destinations include Ko Phi Phi, Railay, Ao Nang and Hat Noppharat Thara. Even though there are many activities that you can enjoy in the province of Krabi, the one we recommend the most is kayaking.

Due to its dramatic karst topography, this area offers a spectacular environment for kayaking, which is a wonderful way to observe the raw nature and rough relief of this part of Thailand. The tall limestone cliffs and amazing caves found in this area just add to the amazing experience. So make sure you don’t miss a thing. In order to get a little bit of help getting around and not get lost you can appeal to Sea Kayak Krabi and enjoy the wonderful tours which they can arrange.

3.) Go sailing on the Andaman Sea Club

Remaining on water but climbing well above it for our third fun activity in Thailand we move on to suggesting sailing on the Andaman Sea. The Andaman Sea is a gorgeous body of water, located in the west of Thailand, as part of the Indian Ocean. In its beginnings, this sea was used only for fishing and transportation purposes between its coastal countries. Even though in 2004 the Andaman Sea was part of the area affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami of the Indian Ocean, this has not stopped the tourists to return to these lands and enjoy the beautiful environment.

If you’d like a more professional sailing tour of the Andaman Sea, you can get the help of the Andaman Sea Club, which specializes in boat tours, cruises and boat races, all of which are done in the most professional way in one of the most gorgeous environments that you will see in your life. But we bet you’re thinking that the Andaman Sea is really big, so what part of is offered by the Sea Club for its clients to explore?

Well, most of it actually, or at least enough so that you can get tired of sailing down those gorgeous waters. From the Phang Nga Bay island with its beautiful rock formations to the Phuket Island or any one of the Koh islands, the Andaman Sea Club offers a large offer of tours of the surrounding islands and we can assure that no one will be disappointed by their offers and tours.

4.) Go jungle trekking around Pai 

From the lovely water activities that can be enjoyed on the wonderful territory of Thailand, we move on to the ground and suggest a lovely trekking adventure around Pai. This one goes out to all of our traveler readers who enjoy being surrounded by lush green forests and sparkling rivers.

If you haven’t been convinced yet, trekking in Pai will offer you the chance to not only discover the amazing lush and raw flora of these parts of Thailand but also get to observe the fauna in its natural environment. But don’t think that you have to travel too far in order to enjoy these natural wonders of Thailand. You can stay right in the area at one of the many hotels or guest houses that are available. And the best part about choosing one of these options of accommodation is that the owners usually have plenty of insight regarding the trekking tours and hiking options around the area and can guide you towards a good option.

If you don’t want to wait until you get there to hear about your trekking options and possible routes we can guide you a little and save you the time of research. You can check out the TrekPai website and discover their offers and trekking options.

5.) Go Rock Climbing at Railay Beach

From deep down into the beautiful sea we climb up to the skies in this last suggestion of adventurous things to do in Thailand. We remain in the Krabi area of Thailand but we move on the the Railay Beach in order to go rock climbing.

We fist have to say the Railay Beach is a very good spot for rock climbers and the sport of rock climbing in general. Why? Because all of the rock on this beach is limestone and is part of the worlds largest coral reef that stretches out from China down to Papua New Guinea. But don’t think that rock climbing goes on in just a restricted area of this beach. There are over 700 routes which range from beginner level to normal and advanced, something that fits every skill level of training and every preference when it comes to environment.

Since we have given you a little aid for all the activities that you can do in Thailand, we can’t let rock climbing be the only one without any leads. So we suggest King Climbers, the service that offers courses for every level of skill, any age and any preference. Follow a course or hire a private guide and you will be ready to take it to the next level in no time. Make sure you don’t fall and have lots of fun!

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