8 Signs It’s Time to Take a Vacation

The routines of every day life are for many people a comfortable way to live. For some this comfort grinds and decays and no matter what a person’s job or role in life, everyone requires a vacation every now and again. Fatigue can set in as the pace of the rat race starts to take its tole; the cogs in the wheel of your mind start to slow, and eventually stop, unless they are treated to a rest every now and then. Breaking out of everyday routine sets into motion fresh perspectives, awakes the senses, and causes bursts of inspiration which help you return to life fresh and ready. Here are 8 signs its time to take a vacation:

1.) Routine Overload

Routine develops as the daily activities of life become standardized. While this certainly helps with productivity, organization, and the ease of workloads, it can also become monotonous. The original reason for the routine; to provide convenience, can often become lost and give way to boredom. Sometimes this boredom becomes extreme and every part of the routine seems to re-emphasize it.

When routine starts to feel like a trap it is definitely time to take a vacation. A fresh perspective and some time out will wake up your mind, and when you come back it will be possible to live outside of the old routine, form a new one, and make positive changes. A vacation is a sure way to break out of your comfort zone, break the habit, and have some new experiences.

2.) Job No Longer Fulfilling

When work becomes so much of a chore that it causes a sharp pain in the head, then it is definitely time to take a vacation. When any job is fresh and new it can be enjoyable. Similarly, even the most interesting of jobs can become a total grind if it has been the whole of your life, every day for months on end. A vacation will mix it up, and you might even enjoy work again when you get back.

3.) Feeling Stressed and Tired

Nothing is worse than the accumulation of stress and fatigue. When the build up starts it can be hard to take a breather, as more and more pressure seems to gather. If stress and fatigue build up, whether related to work or something else, take a nice relaxing vacation to recuperate. The beach is beckoning my friend.

4.) Feeling Under-Stimulated

It is not only a persons job that can become under-stimulating. Sometimes life itself can seem a little dredging. It is not the fault of anyone around us, or even our environment. People around you could be settled in their routine and the environment could be perfectly suited to another person, or to a different mood. Sometimes though life seems to call us for more. It starts with boredom and under-stimulation, and this becomes our motivation to travel, to go and do something totally out of the blue. Go on a vacation and find some sensory stimulation.

5.) You Have Forgotten What the Sun Looks Like

Remember that glowing bright white heat emitting glory of fire in the sky? Remember that? It still exists in some parts of the world, even over winter! If you have forgotten what it feels like to have the heat of the sun on your face, take a trip to a nice, warm country, where the sun shines proudly in the clear blue skies.

6.) Other People’s Stories Wind You Up

Okay, so some people just chatter a bit too much. But when stories of other people’s vacations, or of the fun they are generally having start to make you a little annoyed, it is time for a vacation, before you become bitter! They say sun, sea, and relaxation cures all.

7.) Seek Inspiration

A vacation can often help us to reframe our perspectives on ourselves and our life. They can also offer a profound source of inspiration; the type that comes from being away from it all for long enough to think outside of the box. If you are at a crossroads, or simply seek a burst of inspiration, a vacation can be a great help.

8.) You Crave Adventure

Most of the tips have been about escaping from all of the stress and bustle. Not everyone travels for these reasons. Some people are perfectly happy with life, catch enough sun, and are quite content with the excitement their day to day life brings. That does not stop them from craving adventure! Some people were born for travel, some love to vacation, and if you can than why not? One of the strongest motivations for vacation is to explore a new culture, see a new country, meet some new people. Open up and see more of the world, understand more of life.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

Hello Readers! My name is Clayton and I love to travel. My favorite ways to travel are cruises, trains, road trips, and flying (as long as I am not in the middle seat). I have set foot on six continents and I look forward to reaching all seven one day soon.