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3 Luxury Locations You’ll Probably Never Experience

Luxury has no limit. With a limitless number of luxury travel destinations in Europe and America, you will probably miss out the following luxury travel destinations, as most are too expensive for even the most successful of us.


Indonesia, especially Bali, is always mentioned as one of the top luxury travel destinations in Asia. The country is made up of more than 18,000 volcanic islands and boasts of some remarkably beautiful beaches, delectable cuisines, and some relaxing spas. A combination of fascinating cultures along with exotic wildlife attract tourists from all around the world. Indonesia also offers fantastic diving experiences as well as a wide range of luxury resorts to make your stay delightful and an unforgettable one. Indonesia is surely one of the never-miss luxury travel destinations for someone who claims himself or herself as an avid luxury traveler.

The Maldives

The Maldives is a country of wonderful tropical beauty. Consisting of 26 atolls it is one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Laccadive Sea. At exactly 1.5 meters above the sea level, it is expected to disappear if the sea level keeps on rising. With picturesque beaches, comforting spas, stunning private islands, wonderful floating villas, fresh seafood and a wide range of water sports are the main features of the Maldives.

Spectacular corals and exclusive marine life offer a unique diving experience whilst white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters of the Maldives will ensure you will keep being surprised experiencing every bit of Maldives. It’s a paradise for photographers with breathtaking sights all around. If you don’t visit this beautiful island nation soon, there is every chance you will never get the chance to experience one of the unique luxury travel destinations around the world.


The stunning Caribbean islands are among the top luxury travel destinations around the world. If there is a single Caribbean island you need to visit, it’s Barbados.

Barbados is one of the most populous and most developed Caribbean islands with most luxury properties per sq. mile in all of Caribbean. Breathtaking landscapes, unique cultures, stunning beaches, amazing foods and wonderful locals make it a perfect luxury travel destination. Barbados is a place where sophisticated and luxury hotels offer internationally acclaimed cuisines along the beautiful coastline that wraps around the country. Although the Spanish and Portuguese originally occupied the island, cultural remnants of British rule are apparent across the country.

Barbados never disappoints a luxury traveler looking for a simple peaceful escape or an adventure of a lifetime. Mid-December through May is the perfect time to visit this wonderful island. Some ‘must do’ activities in Barbados include visiting Barbados Wildlife Reserve, Pelican Craft Village, visiting the Parliament buildings and mingling with the locals.

Indonesia, Maldives and Barbados boast stunningly beautiful landscapes, unique cultures, wonderful range of foods and welcoming locals. These destinations are at the pinnacle of luxury. If these destinations are not in your bucket list, make sure you add them today to have some unforgettable experiences of your lifetime.

11 Tips To Enjoy Italy On A Budget

Italy is a country of many wonders. Beautiful cities, gorgeous countryside, mountains that tempt even the most reluctant of hikers, beautiful lakes surrounded by picture perfect villages, amazing beaches and the oh so tasty food are all good reasons to visit il bel Paese. However, travelling in Italy can blow your budget and turn into a splurge. The good news is that it is possible to visit Italy on a tight budget, by following 11 simple tips.

1.) Pack some good walking shoes.

The best way to explore cities in Italy is by walking around. Many cities have pedestrian areas. Besides, walking is good exercise!

2.) Find out when museums have free entrances.

There are plenty of museums that are free to visit at least once per month. For example, entry to the Vatican museums is free on the last Sunday of each month. The best thing to do is to check the website of the museum you care to visit.

3.) Have gelato for lunch. 

It is delicious, it is healthy, it has proteins, carbs and vitamins and it is refreshing when it is so hot outside. Not to mention, it really isn’t expensive at all.

4.) Plan to have a happy hour dinner.

Italians love their aperitivo: for the average price of 10 euro you can have a drink and access to a buffet. Food can be anything from fancy and gourmet to plain and simple, but it always is tasty and abundant. Check out what the best places in town are.

5.) Fill up your water bottle at a public fountain.

Rome is packed with drinking fountains and the water is always nice and cold. This is good for the environment, not to mention your pockets.

6.) Visit the churches during mass.

If you sneak in during the service, you won’t be asked to pay an admission fee. Most churches are free to enter anyways!

7.) Attend a notte bianca.

Lots of cities in Italy regularly organize nights during which museums and shops stay open till late, and the streets are packed with free concerts. They are a lot of fun.

8.) Go to the beach.

Lots of beaches in Italy are free. You only need to carry your towel, your umbrella, and whatever you may need during the day.

9.) Go on a hike.

Trails are usually very well signaled and you hardly need a guide. Just carry plenty of water and snacks, and wear a lot of sunblock.

10.) Go to an open air music festival.

Should you find yourself in the mountains or at the beach in Sardinia, plan to listen to some fabulous jazz. Concerts are free to attend and they take place in lovely locations, at any time of the day or night.

11.) Watch gas prices.

In case you are hiring a car in Italy, make sure to fill up your tank either at night or at the weekend. Petrol is expensive but there are considerable discounts if you make the effort and wait.


Are you ready to enjoy Italy now?

Costa Rica’s Incredible Coastal Highlights

It is no coincidence that Costa Rica translates to “Rich Coast” in English. The small country is flanked on either side by two oceans, both with distinct personalities and characteristics. The Caribbean Sea lies to Costa Rica’s east and the Pacific Ocean lies to its west. There are 12 different ecological zones within the country between these two bodies of water. It should then come as no surprise that Costa Rica’s coastal and marine ecosystems are equally diverse. The following five destinations are highlights of the Rich Coast that we believe capture this diversity. Even just one of these highlights will leave even the most seasoned traveler with a truly unique coastal experience.

Playa Ostional
There are several destinations along Costa Rica’s coastlines that are known for turtle nesting, but Playa Ostional is a stand out. The beach of Playa Ostional is home to a rare natural phenomenon known as arribadas or “arrival” in Spanish. For generations, masses of Olive-Ridley Sea Turtles have annually traveled to bury their eggs in the beach’s black sand. Turtle nesting at Playa Ostional typically takes place in the green season between August and November. If you have the opportunity to visit during an arribada, check in at the ranger station at the southern end of the beach. Playa Ostional, now Ostional Wildlife Refuge, is strictly monitored by environmentalist who aim to protect this natural marvel in an effort to keep the turtles coming back.

Highlights: The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Nesting

Marino Ballena National Park
Marino Ballena National Park is a national marine park situated on the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Named for the whales that frequent the shoreline and for the remarkable whale’s tale formation seen from above, Marino Ballena National Park is a great destination for snorkeling and, of course, whale watching. Enjoy a day exploring surrounding beaches. The beaches here enjoy habitually stunning sunsets. And if the tide is low, you can actually walk out onto the whale’s tale sand bar for a panoramic view.

Marine Life: Breathtaking Beaches, Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Tropical Fish

Gulfo Dulce
The Gulfo Dulce, just off the Osa Peninsula, is one of only three tropical fjords in the world. This alone illustrates the breadth of unique underwater marine life in this area. Protected from the wild waters of the Pacific Ocean, the Gulfo Dulce is generally calm, hence its name, “Sweet Gulf.” Sea kayaking, snorkeling, and estuary cruises are all fun ways to explore the area. Humpback Whales also frequent the gulf, attracted to the calm waters. The little Gulfo Dulce is surrounded by some of the most remote rainforests in the world. So if you’re passionate about wildlife of both land and sea, the Gulfo Dulce is your destination.

Highlights: Humpback Whales, Dolphins, Tropical Fish, Snorkeling, Watersports

Caño Island
Off the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, about 45 minutes away from Marino Ballena National Park by boat is Cano Island. Cano Island is one of the best destinations in Costa Rica for snorkeling and diving. The water surrounding the island is clear, especially in the dry season, and the fish are plentiful. Boat tours to the island can be arranged from the Osa Peninsula by your lodge or from the South Pacific beaches near Uvita with local tour companies.
Highlights: Coral, Manta Rays, Parrot Fish, Snorkeling, Diving

Cahuita National Park
Cahuita National Park, situated on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast, has the country’s largest living coral reef – a true paradise for divers and snorkelers. Copious tropical fish and marine life inhabit these warm waters. Local guides know the best places to see marine life at any given time so it’s worth it to prearrange a tour with your hotel or in town. Tip: To see more marine life, travel in the dry season when the water is most clear.

Highlights: Nurse Sharks, Manta Rays, Sea Urchins, Coral Reef, Tropical Fish, Dolphins, Jelly Fish, Snorkeling, Diving

What You Need to Know About Timeshares and Resorts

Whether you call it a holiday, a get-away, or a vacation, there are many options to celebrate time off from work. Most people plan their vacation by booking a hotel, but there are other options than just a standard hotel getaway. Many of those options allow you to integrate your vacation with your lodging, such all-inclusive resorts and timeshares.

What You Need to Know About Timeshares

Timeshares got their start in Europe, just after World War II. They were a popular way to reduce vacation costs, and still are. At the time, four families would buy a cottage together, and then each would get exclusive use of it one season out of the year. The season for each family rotated yearly, so each family had the opportunity to enjoy seasonal comforts.

Modern timeshares are far more elegant than their predecessors. They have property managers, and more families are involved to keep the costs low. Generally, a maintenance schedule is also established for the upkeep of the property.

The advantages of this arrangement is familiarity and predictability. A timeshare that is near to family, destinations, or family interests (i.e. skiing, trails for hiking, beaches, etc.) is highly desirable. The cost of your lodging will stay constant while on vacation from year to year.

Careful research into the location will inevitably result in the best vacation, so choose your timeshare wisely. Look for an esteemed timeshare, one you know will deliver the good times your family deserves. Some resorts are more highly rated and have better online reputations than others. Welk timeshare resorts, for example, have more 28,000 Facebook ‘likes’.

Saving Money on Your Timeshare Vacation

If the timeshare includes a kitchen, you can save money by eating in. You can also rent out your timeshare if your vacation plans are not thought of as mutually exclusive, but in this case they are. There are many resorts that offer timeshare options. Again, a Welk timeshare is a great example of this because the resort offers exclusive timeshare options.  A timeshare is a much better option for folks who like to return to the same area year after year.

Americas Top 8 Natural Wonders

With so many natural wonders to see why wouldn’t you make the United States your next destination? Here is a list of 8 natural wonders you just can’t miss the next time you’re in America.

8.) Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There are so many things to see in Yellowstone that it’s easy to spend an entire day in this park. Whilst it is located primarily in Wyoming it also covers parts of Montana and Idaho. The most famous part of Yellowstone would have to be Old Faithful; which erupts around every 90 minutes so you are almost guaranteed a show. But Old Faithful isn’t the only thing Yellowstone has on offer. There are multiple geysers, hot springs, a canyon, waterfall and an abundance of wildlife.

Ten Incredible Things to See and Do in Bermuda

When someone mentions Bermuda, do your thoughts immediately turn to pink sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise water? While those images are certainly correct, there are so many other things to see and do in Bermuda as well. So, let’s explore ten things you might enjoy seeing and doing in Bermuda, including spending time on those picturesque beaches.

20 Incredible Facts About Europe You Probably Never Knew

Europe is an amazing continent with a long cultural history spanning centuries.  Throughout the centuries, different powers have both risen and fallen, until we are left with the geographic landscape we see today.  Traveling in Europe is even more fun thanks to all of this amazing history.  The people, places, music, architecture, art, and more.  Here are some interesting facts about Europe you might not have known:

1.) The Euro (currency) is accepted almost anywhere!

You can use the Euro in 19 European Union countries: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

The Euro is also in use in territories of European countries, such as: the Azores, the Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla, French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Madeira, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, Saint Barthélemy, and Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

Lastly, countries not part of the European Union, but utilize the Euro are: Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City.

Knowing these facts should make crossing borders a lot Easier.  However, there are a few outliers who have still not accepted the Euro.  These include:

  • Denmark – Signed the Masstricht Treaty which exempts them from using the Euro, even though they are a member state.
  • Sweden – Sweden did not sign the Masstricht Treaty, but their citizens voted in 2003 to not adopt the Euro and maintain their currency, the Swedish Krona.
  • Bulgaria – Adopting the Euro in 2022
  • Croatia – Adopting the Euro in 2023
  • Romania – Adopting the Euro in 2024
  • Czech Republic – Refuses to adopt the Euro
  • Hungary – Refuses to adopt the Euro
  • Poland – Refuses to adopt the Euro
  • Albania – Not part of the European Union
  • Belarus – Not part of the European Union
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – Not part of the European Union
  • Iceland – Not part of the European Union
  • Liechtenstein – Not part of the European Union
  • Moldova – Not part of the European Union
  • North Macedonia – Not part of the European Union
  • Norway – Not part of the European Union
  • Russia – Not part of the European Union
  • Serbia – Not part of the European Union
  • Switzerland – Not part of the European Union
  • Ukraine – Not part of the European Union

Europe is truly diverse, but where are people visiting in Europe each year?  The next page will uncover where travelers are visiting in Europe.

Personality Test: Which Beach Should You Visit?

Want to get away?  Tired of being stuck at home with your same routine?  You should get away to the beach, but not just any beach.  Take our fun personality quiz and find out which beach you should visit based off our 14 simple to answer questions.  Once you’re done, share with your friends and see what beach they got.  Maybe you can even go together!

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