Destination Honeymoon: Jamaica

As the years have passed, newlyweds have started to chose locations that are more and more exotic for their honeymoons. Jamaica is one of the popular choices when it comes to sharing a vacation with your new spouse, and we will present you the best hotels and resorts which will make you return from your honeymoon with unforgettable memories.

Sans Souci Resort offers all inclusive package holidays for any couple that want to treat themselves with the best luxuries that a hotel can offer. Selected as number one romantic resort in Jamaica on TripAdvisor, this luxurious, adults-only beach resort is a perfect spot for a relaxing and peaceful honeymoon. The hotels surroundings combine the delicate, soft waves of blue Caribbean Sea and large powdery blanket of white sand with the raw nature of the Pristine Gardens and the sharp, dramatic cliffs of Emerald Coast.  Due to its position upon the great cliffs of Emerald Coast, every one of the luxury suites offers a magnificent view of the beautiful Caribbean whilst not ignoring the beautiful landscape of the raw and striking vegetation near the resort.

The resort staff encourage the exploration of the surroundings, especially taking a dip in the healing natural springs nearby or taking a trip to the Dunn River waterfall for a spectacular sight. The dining experience has also not been neglected, Sans Souci having award-winning chefs at any guest’s disposal. They can cook the tastiest of dishes, varying from fine-dining to the best Jamaican specialties. When it comes to relaxing, the perfect choice is Charlie’s Spa, which offers the best, from a mineral spring grotto which is famous for its rejuvenating waters, to “Couples Treatment” which can vary from a simple massage to a full spa treatment for two. And last but not least, there are plenty of outdoor sports which couples can enjoy together such as tennis, bocce ball, golf, volleyball and, why not, yoga. As an extra tip, the resort also has a number of special offers which are still available if you book soon.

Tensing Pen Destination Resort in Jamaica is another perfect destination for a splendid honeymoon. Somewhat different from the first resort we mentioned, this one will stun you with its magnificent and natural blend of nature and comfort. Tensing Pen has cottages of stone, wood and thatch cut, which overlook the most spectacular views and amazing sunsets. But do not be afraid, because the living accommodations are not limited to cottages,  the vacation quarters containing also cozy garden studios, cabins, bungalows, and even homes. This resort has proven to have an amazing talent in bringing the naked Jamaican nature and combining it with comfortable and even luxurious living facilities.

Couples who choose to spend their honeymoon at Tensing Pen will be very pleased to know that they have special weddings and honeymoon packages, and there are plenty to choose from. This resort is also known for offering its guests the ability to participate in some extreme sports such as Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Mountain Biking and Parasailing. So we could say that this resort is appropriate for adventurous couples.

Tower Isle is another 5 star Caribbean Beach Resort perfect for a dream honeymoon. This resort has gone out of its way to make sure its guests, especially couples, feel as comfortable as possible. They have tried to combine the desire of space but also intimacy which couples require in order to take full advantage of their honeymoon days. Every amenity and facility of this resort is well thought of in order to suit the best of what couples would want from a hotel. The Tower Isle resort even has a catamaran boat which can be used by guests to take trips over the splendid Caribbean waters. Whether guests want to enjoy some of the most amazing sunsets or just take a midnight cruise, the boat is available for anyone who desires to use it.

When it comes to amenities, this hotel does not sell short. It has a world known, award-winning spa, which takes care of the hotels guests in every possible way from a simple massage to a full spa treatment. In order to wake up your taste buds, the resort has no less than seven dining areas, all of which are under the close observation of the world known chef Stefan Spath. Due to the fact that it is an adult only resort, the staff is able to focus more on the needs of each and every one of its guests. That’s why Tower Isle is a 5 star couples paradise, with special offers for weddings, honeymoons or even romantic holidays.

The Caves is our next stop for a romantic honeymoon. Placed upon the limestone cliffs of Negril’s West End in Jamaica, the resort represents an attractive, seductive, oceanfront paradise for anyone who steps into this place. There are twelve accommodations which are placed upon the cliffs, with amazing ocean views that will seduce visitors from the first second. The Caves offer an unique exoticism due to their location in Negril which is combined with all the comforts of a home life. Two acres of wall labyrinth, due to the volcanic activity offer a real outdoor museum of ancient fossilized marine life.

This resort is also a great place for the more adventurous couples, outdoor activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, dolphin watching, hiking or even horseback riding tours. There is a little something for everybody, so feel free to explore and have as much of a good time as possible. If the outdoors don’t appeal to you, do not worry. The resort staff have made sure that each and every cottage, suite, villa and four-bedroom deluxe villa offer a fresh and romantic atmosphere.  Spring offers are also in full bloom at this very moment, so take advantage as soon as possible.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

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