Domus Civita – A Unique Italian Experience

Today we are going back in time a little. We invite you to come along us and discover a beautiful jewel in an Italian treasure chest. This treasure chest is represented by the medieval village of Civita di Bagnoregio and the jewel is the Domus Civita house. Read, enjoy and be inspired!

The Location

Placed in a unique Italian valley, on a promontory carved in volcanic rock is the wonderful and unique village of Civita di Bagnoregio. Founded by Etruscans, conquered by Romans and shaped by the Middle Ages and Renaissance architecture, this gorgeous Italian village seems to be from another world.

The footbridge leading to this village will introduce you to an entirely different world. Stunning landscape, historic buildings and beautiful nature are combined perfectly into a unique touristic hot spot.

Domus Civita

This house can be described as no less than a beautiful jewel inside a great treasure chest. It is definitely not the only one but it is unique and beautiful in its own way. After being wowed by the surroundings and the rest of the village we arrive to the focus of our article and the crown of your vacation.

After surviving centuries of earthquakes, landslides and even war, this beautiful house has been restored and brought back to its peak days. Without major changes, just the required subtle and necessary alterations, this house has been transformed into a real catch on the tourist accommodation market.

We don’t even have to mention the breathtaking views that guests staying in this house will be able to observe. And this is just the beginning. Did you see the photographs above? They represent the outdoor kitchen, private wine cellar and cave. Still not convinced? Read on and you will be.

The above photographs represent the dining area and living room of the house. You may notice that there are not many pieces of furniture present in any of the rooms. This is perfect because it allows focus to be on the actual house and its unique design and architecture elements.


The house has been designed with its years of history in mind, not overlooking its surroundings and the real Italian spirit. It’s the small elements of this house that make the great impact on visitors along with its amazing and grand architecture.

We have talked so much about the historic and simple design of the house interior but that should not scare you and make you think that this house is not fit for the 21st century. All the modern utilities will be provided without any problem. WiFi Internet, Phone, Mp3 and USB ready TV are all ready to entertain any and every guest that will have the privilege to stay in this amazing home.

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