Santorini Island Of Greece, The Journey I Won’t Forget

It took me a while to decide where I would spend my vacation last year. I really had no idea which place I would like to visit. It seems that nothing in my mind inspires me to fly off. I have been talking to friends just to get their suggestions on the best tourist destinations and they always recommend Asia.

I love Asia. However, I want something new. An ad online caught my attention and it suggested a place that never crossed my mind, the Santorini Island, Greece.

There were beautiful pictures that caught my eyes, I was attracted, and I was mesmerized with what I saw. The place that I always visualize in my dream, and I really thought it will be always remain a dream. There is it, Greece! It made me decide right away and excitement overwhelmed me.

Upon arrival, I realized that my decision was right. Greece was beautiful, lovely, and everything I saw around was pleasing to my sight.

I arrived at Santorini Island, Greece at exactly 5 A.M. I checked into one of the hotels where I booked my reservations. Because I would like it to be one of the best journeys, I got the room with villa perched on the cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea and the volcano. It was good man-made scenery. All you can see is natural and you can breathe the fresh air of it.

What I saw in the pictures were real!

Even just staying at one of the hotels near the coast, I was too amazed with everything the place has offered. The deep blue oceans are just within the reach of my sight. It was inviting. It was enchanting. It was one of the beautiful creations.

I took the chances to explore more about what this Santorini Island could give me. I explored many things. I encountered many locals and even tourists of the place. The atmosphere of the island was famously friendly.

Before indulging into every exciting adventure the Island could offer, I was advised by Mia, a friend of mine, also a tourist from the West, she told me that there are rules I need to follow. It is important that I should abide by the common law so there would be no problems with my vacation. Thanks to her, I knew that nude bathing is illegal!

Not that I want to try it, but at least I was warned just in case I would really do it! LOL!
The people in there are conservative in a way that they are preserving their rich culture and history. According to Mia, there are other beaches in the island that would not care if you would do nude bathing, however, for those local Greeks, it would be very offensive and I do not want to cause so much trouble for myself, especially that I was travelling alone.

Things You Would Love to Experience with Santorini

The rugged terrain of Santorini

If you are planning to hike the rugged terrain of Santorini, it is recommended that you wear nice pair of rubber shoes with good support to prevent any injuries. This place is known for its loose rocks and you might slip around with it, so for me it is better to prepare your gear before the hiking day. The use of flip flops and sandals are discouraged, of course for your own safety and comfort.

Don’t forget to bring your own water to prevent dehydration and I suggest you go with people who intend to explore Santorini, to help you with your desired destination. Many people are including Santorini as the place for their vacation because of its classic churches and panoramic views.

ATV – the best way to get around the island

Most of the resorts in Santorini are offering an ATV ride to the tourists and visitors, so that they can explore the scenic attractions of the island. Scenic places are found on the other side of the island that is why ATV’s are prefect to reach these places.

ATV’s are known to be a perfect mean of transportation in this island due of its rough terrain which includes loose rocks. It is recommended that you call the resort of your choice and reserve an ATV prior to visiting the island, for your own convenience and to prevent any hassle. Most of the tourists that have been to Santorini recommend ATV as the best way to explore the beautiful places around the island.

I fell in Love with Megalochori

Megalochori in Greece is known for its picturesque villages which existed since 17th century. I fell in love with its scenic places, especially the classic churches and historical mansions. You can also see classic houses which have pirate hide-aways. This place is also known for its wealthy land and history of well-known merchants and warehouses which produces quality wines all over the world. One of the most visited sites in Megalochori is its historical mansion with high walls, classic wooden entrance and vintage courtyard.

Local residents on the island are also preserving their traditional places and helping in restoring the houses that had fallen into place. In visiting this island you can find the Megalochori square which houses, beautiful restaurants, traditional taverns and trees that can provide shade if you want to relax and have a cup of coffee.

The island is also known for its two beautiful remote resorts found on the Caldera side; these beaches are named after classic churches on the island, the Thermi and Plaka beach. Just a tip these beaches are not accessed by cars, so better prepare your hiking shoes.

Megalochori in Greece is truly a promising place to visit. You will learn their beautiful history just by looking at their picturesque villages and classic structures. People in Megalochori are also warm to their visitors and the restaurants are best known for its quality service.

Find ways to add Megalochori as one of the best tourist destinations you wanted to visit this year, you will truly fall in love with this magnificent and promising place.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

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