These 3 South African Resorts Will Leave You Speechless

Today we are bringing to your attention 3 amazing resorts that we have found in South Africa. They are all gorgeous and stunning in their own way and they each have a unique feature that makes them special and makes us want to recommend them.

Champagne Sports Resort

Borrowing the name from the wonderful Champagne Valley, in which it is settled, the Champagne Sports Resort will definitely be one of the most unique that you will ever encounter. And we aren’t saying that just due to its wonderful location and beautiful surroundings but also because this resort has taken the two major reasons of why people travel, which are travel and business, and combined them perfectly into a luxury resort perfect for any occasion.

When it comes to the leisure part, the hotel has gone far and beyond in order to satisfy its customers. On the resort’s grounds guests will find a tennis court, a top ranked 18 hole golf field and there is even a playground for the children. In helping with the relaxation, guests can also take advantage of the recently extended dining room, expanded buffet, new wellness center and coffee shop with an extended lounge. At least one of these, if not all, will turn your stay at this resort into a full relaxation time, even if you’re just staying a few days on business.

When it comes to the business side of things, this hotel has plenty to offer. Recently, this hotel has finished the work at its new BUTTRESS Conference and Exhibition Center, which brings its total number of available conference venues to 16. The rooms can accommodate a number of 20 up to 1400 people, depending on the size guests require. All the rooms are set up with the necessary equipment and have free WiFi from the hotel grounds.

The rooms can accommodate a total number of 750 delegates inside a total number of 172 hotel rooms and 92 time-share chalets, which have a maximum of 3 bedrooms. All of these accommodations are luxuriously equipped and designed, with everything one might need for both business and pleasure.

Fairmont Zimbali Luxury Hotel and Resort

From a “work and play” style hotel we move on to a full relaxation resort where you can concentrate on yourself, your loved ones and your vacation days. This is what the Fairmont Zimbali Luxury Hotel and Resort has to offer in a relaxed and quiet environment, on the the exclusive Zimbali Coastal Estate. This resort is considered to be the ultimate vacation destination due to its gorgeous location, perfect nature setting and amazing facilities found on the resort grounds.

But don’t think that this resort is all play with no work! When it comes to conferences and meetings, this resort also offers 2 board-rooms, a 240-square-meter ballroom, a courtyard and a pre-function space, all of which are modernly equipped and that can be used by guests at their will. When it comes to dining, be it formal or informal, the Zimbali Resort doesn’t drop the ball and offers several dining options for its guests, who can indulge in local, Asian or even Mexican cuisine.

Over 150 rooms are waiting to offer you the best views over the Indian ocean from your personal window or private and over-sized veranda. Of course, the rooms are modernly furnished, equipped with the latest required amenities and subtly decorated with neutral colors combined with a few colored accents that make the whole difference.

Phantom Forest Eco Resort

We move on to the southern Cape coast of South Africa in search for the next luxury resort that will leave you breathless. And we do mean that! Because the Phantom Forest is an Eco resort, from the location to the architecture and every other element of this resort was well thought of in order to not affect the surrounding nature but rather live with it. This along with its gorgeous natural location and stunning views is what make this resort particularly special and why we would love for you to try it.

In this resort the hotel rooms are actually small tree houses. How great does that sound? They are divided intro 3 groups that are known as Classic Tree Suites, Upper Tree Camp and Moroccan Tree Suites. The Classic Tree Suites consist of the entrance, sitting room, bedroom and bathroom, decorated very simple with African accents and natural colors that complement the surrounding nature. The Upper Tree Camp consists of rooms have more of a romantic feeling to them, with love seats, Jacuzzi and queen bed being the main elements, completed by a lovely array of pastel colors that keep the nature feel alive. The Moroccan Tree Suites are furnished just as the other rooms, the differentiating elements being the bed covers, pillows and other such elements that bring the real African feel to the guests, also being part of the “Touch and Taste Africa” hotel theme.

When it comes to the “Taste of Africa” part, the resort does not disappoint. It has two restaurants where guests can indulge, decorated beautifully, located in the middle of nature and with as many open spaces as possible, giving the impression of space. There is a Moroccan style restaurant, from all points of view including design, that features delicious Moroccan dishes. And there is also a local restaurant that features both local and international cuisine, fitting both those who are up for a challenge and those who aren’t so wild when it comes to food.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

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