Tips for People Going on Their First Alaskan Cruise

Going on a cruise can be an awesome way to spend your vacation. Most people who think about going on a cruise have visions of sandy beaches, coconut trees and glistening water in the Bahamas or Tropics. However, there are a number of other places that you can go on a cruise as well. Many people also enjoy going for a cruise in Alaska or other waters in the Arctic.

You will want to know what to do to prepare for your trip beforehand. Here are some things that you may want to keep in mind.

Prepare for Any Kind of Weather

Most people assume that the weather in Alaska and neighboring areas is always frigid. While the weather tends to be fairly cold in most parts, there are some parts where it is also pretty temperate.

You should pack a variety of different types of clothes when you are going on your trip. You will also want to know what areas you will be traveling to. For example, if you are going to be stopping in a place like Fairfield then you should expect the temperature to be at least 70 degrees in the spring and summer. It may be even touch 100 degrees in July. You will want to pack more light clothes if you will be going there.

Bring Equipment for Sightseeing

Alaska has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. You will probably want to enjoy these views as much as possible.

You will be able to take the sights in better if you pack the right equipment. Consider bringing a pair of binoculars, a camera, tripod and plenty of film.

Schedule Your Trip Carefully

There are a variety of factors that you will want to take into consideration when you plan your trip. You will need to decide what your priorities are to decide the best time to go.


Alaska can be very cold during the winter months. People from New England and other fairly cold climates may not find it as difficult to adjust. However, people from warmer or more temperate climates may not be able to adjust to the harsh winters as easily. You should consider planning your trip in the summer if you can’t take the cold.


Many people have heard that Alaska has constant sunlight for half the year and total darkness during the rest. This isn’t completely true. However, the difference between daylight hours varies far more in the seasons in Alaska than most other places in the world.

You will want to decide how much daylight you can deal with before deciding when and where in Alaska to go. People who have sleeping problems may not want to visit in the summer, because the sun is almost always up in most places. In fact, the sun is up 24 hours a day in Purdue Bay in July and August.

Know What Wildlife to Expect

Alaska is home to many different types of wildlife. You will want to know what to look out for on your trip. You can watch salmon spawning if you travel during the summer. You can also see bears all year round. There are a number of other forms of wildlife that you won’t see many other parts of the world, including whales, otters, eagles and caribou.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

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