Travel Guide: 24 Hours in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most sought after tourist destination.

It is a mixture of a city, a state and an island in South East Asia. This vast geographical region is made up of 63 islands. One thing that makes this city great is the tropical rainforest climate and the main driving force in the economy of the South East Asia.

They have the fourth leading financial center, Second largest Casino and belong to the top three oil refineries. More than all of these the different aspects that made Singapore a well-known country is the different tourist spot that could assure you of the total vacation experience.

There are different countries in the world and each could boast of the different attention grabbing spots. The main problem is if you have limited time to see all those wonderful sights.

Your Journey Starts Hereā€¦

For those who have only 24 hours to explore this majestic city, here are a few tips to make sure that even if it is the last 24 hours of your life, you will be able to make the most out of it, and it will be the best 24 hours of a lifetime.

Start with Little India. This is the best chance from which you will be able to feel like a real local.

The heat may be a little overwhelming once the sun is high up in the sky so it is best to start your day here. While grabbing the breakfast of a lifetime, experience the variety of dips and sauces and a vegetarian restaurant that will be truly worth your time.

Near the area is the Mustafa Centre where you will feast your eyes among the different goods from jewelry to home ware. After getting your fill of the mountainous bargain, you may head to Serangoon Road. This place houses the different fabrics that you may take home and use in your own home.

There is also a Hindu temple in the area which could complete your experience of Little India.

After the visit to Little India, you could proceed to the Arab Street. In this place, you will be able to see local clothing and authentic Indonesian Batiks. The Sultan mosque and the Malay Heritage Center are worth a visit as well.

You were able to look into India, Arabia and now it is time to explore Chinatown. This place is a very good location from which you will be able to learn and get a glimpse of the rich culture of the early inhabitants of Singapore. Different Chinese services such as massages and real Chinese food will fill you and transport you to for a moment to China.

The three places will pretty much occupy your entire morning, especially if you are keen on the different shops that are selling quality and cheap items.

Half Way In Making the Best Memories in a Day

In the afternoon, you could start it with a little more shopping in the Orchard Road.

The different big department stores are overwhelming, but this will help you understand why Singapore has booming economy is known in the world.

The best time to visit is if there is a big sale since there are really big item reductions. Your afternoon is just starting and Singapore is not just about shopping. Thus, it means that it is time to visit the world class and known Singapore Universal Studios.

This theme park is located on Sentosa Island.

This is bringing a new zest to the experience that you would like to gain. Regardless of age, it can be assured that you will be able to enjoy the visit in this theme park.

It is equipped with different sites and attraction. There is the Imbiah lookout. This is the latest addition to the attraction in the area. This part includes butterfly parks and the famous Madame Tussauds where you will be able to take a picture with the different famous personalities which you never though you will be able to see.

There are also the Megazip adventure, and the adventure land. Siloso point is one of the highlights of the place. In this area, you will be able to see the dolphin lagoon and the Fort.

This area is sought after since there is a beachfront that you could enjoy. The best thing to do is to look for the best kind of attraction that you would like to experience to be able to suit the kind of experience that you would like to get.

After the thrilling visit to the Universal Studio, the fun truly never stops in Singapore. There is still the midnight safari that you could enjoy together with the scrumptious dinner.

This is the chance to be able to have the experience in the different kind of zoo at night. The different activities that you could do here is not like any other.

There are different interaction with the different animals as well as the kind of habitat that they are living in.

You may think that you completed your entire day but there is more. To ensure that you have the ultimate rest and relaxation while truly experiencing Singapore at its finest, get a nightcap at Marina Bay Sands. This is the best hotel in all of Singapore and provides the perfect place to end your day.

The rooms and suites are equipped with the necessities that would complete your stay and you have the chance to experience the infinity pool and take the few laps of stresses away.

Finally, if you are still not done with the shopping that you wanted to take home there are a different array of shops, that you could look into after you take few drinks on top of the sky-high hotel.

The different hotel services as well will give you enough relaxation to fuel you up for the next vacation trip that you wanted to take. There are a lot of things that you could do in 24 hours yet you can say that you have experienced Singapore.

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