Visiting Anguilla? Here Are The Best Places To Stay

Anguilla is a British overseas territory tucked away in the Eastern Caribbean. This territory consists of the main island of Anguilla which is approximately 16 miles (26 km) long by 3 miles (5 km) wide along with a number of smaller islands and cays with no permanent population.

The main Island of Anguilla is cut through the middle by one main road, which can be easily traversed by car in less than half an hour. From the main road a few branches of dusty roads emerge towards the small, quiet villages or luxurious resorts. Each side of the island is covered by white, soft sand mixed with clear and calm waters.

When looking for a place to stay on this beautiful island, we have found various forms of accommodations including All-Inclusive Resort Hotels, Small Hotels or Suite Villa Hotels to Villas, Inns, Guest Houses or Apartments.

Some of the Resorts include places such as:

  1. With its excellent service and wonderful surroundings, Altamer is a patch of luxury in the middle of beautiful wildness. Having every villa equipped with a pool, bar, flat screen television, private balcony and so many more luxuries, this resort knows how to make its guest feel special.
  2. Covecastles deserves its name due to the fact that each and every house and villa provided for the guests, resemble a small castle. They rise grand from within the sand but do not spoil the view but furthermore complete it, adding a touch of elegance to an otherwise wild, raw part of nature.
  3. Paradise Cove attracts its guests with elegant suites, two private beaches and an 18-hole championship golf course, all surrounded by a lush tropical garden. We could say that the name fits in, describing perfectly the atmosphere as a little corner of paradise.

We have also looked over some of the smaller hotels and means of accommodation for those who seek comfort and privacy but are tightened by a smaller budget:

    1. Allamanda Beach Club offers its guests comfort in a casual setting. Has a total of 16 units, each one having a fully equipped kitchen, private balcony, a/c and cable T.V.
  1. Country Cottage Anguilla is situated in the northeast of the Valley in the Shoal Shoal Bay East countryside on Welches Hill, less than a quarter mile from the main road. This cottage is hidden from curious looks and self-sufficient, perfect for those who seek privacy.
  2. Lloyd’s Bed & Breakfast is perched atop the gentle slope of Crocus Hill and allows those who stay here a peak at the distant East Endo of Anguilla. It is located in the historically rich area of the Lower Valley and it is perfect for those seeking a culturally inspiring vacation.


So whether you want to pamper yourself with a few nights in complete luxury or just want a private and quick getaway, there are plenty of choices regarding the accommodations on Anguilla Island.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

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