Visiting Baja California Sur? Here Are The Best Places To Stay

If you are thinking about a holiday on the lovely Baja California Sur, we think that there is no other way to best experience it than in a 5 star hotel. We have a few recommendations for you and hope this article will be of help for you when planning your stay. Enjoy!

The Resort at Pedegral

This first 5 star hotel on the lovely Baja California Sur combines perfectly the best of two worlds. While it is carved gorgeously into the cliff of a mountainside, the Resort at Pedegral also offers a lovely ocean view and 24 acres of white sandy beach which guests can explore and enjoy at their leisure.

The main feature of this resort is represented by its residential style villas that include services such as personal assistant, plunge pools, rain forest showers and many other such luxurious amenities. All the modern facilities you could possibly dream of or imagine will be found here and every guest will have the chance to experience them all.

But the rooms or suites are not the only place to spend your time in this hotel. For a full day of pampering and relaxing, other facilities such as the on site Luna y Mar Spa where you can enjoy body treatments and massages. The hotel restaurant El Farallon will offer you the best seafood and authentic Mexican dishes in a perfect cliff side setting with a gorgeous view over the ocean.

Esperanza Cabo Resort

Another 5 star hotel located on the Baja California Sur that has caught our eye for all the good reasons is the Esperanza Cabo Resort. This resort spreads over a total of 17 acres, all of which show off the elegance and sophistication with which the hotel is organized and run.

From simple hotel suites to exquisite luxury villas, this resort has all the means of accommodation one might expect from a 5 star resort and delivers the greatest facilities with each and every one of them. Comfort, style and pleasant atmosphere are only a few ways to describe the rooms and suites of this resort, see the pictures if you don’t believe us.

When it comes to this hotel’s cuisine, not one dish on the entire menu will disappoint you. The famous Cocina del Mar restaurant treats its guests to the best and most delicious seafood meals cooked with only the freshest ingredients. You will think that the fish had just jumped from the see onto your plate.

One&Only Palmilla Resort

Located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, this next 5 star resort that we are going to talk about is a spot popular among celebrities such as movie stars and authors. The One&Only Palmilla Resort has taken advantage of an excellent location and has turned it into a gorgeous 5 star retreat that is a delight for all the senses.

A unique combination of elegance, modern accommodations and 5 star comfort can be found in each and every room. The surrounding environment also plays a wonderful part in the decor of the rooms, the color schemes being highly influenced by the gorgeous azure water and white sandy beaches. All of the 172 guest rooms also offer a private patio or balcony, all of which offer a gorgeous view over the ocean.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

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