Visiting Cancun? Here Are The Best Places To Stay

Cancún is a city in southeastern Mexico, located on the northeast coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. It is a major world known tourist destination located on the Caribbean Sea, and one of the easternmost points in Mexico.

The city of Cancun is relatively young just like most of its inhabitants, whether they are permanent or temporary. About 35 years ago it was nothing more than a simple patch of sand which began to develop, becoming today one of the most sought out destinations in the world. Today Cancun consists of two parts, one being the coastal city and the other being a long thin patch of sand, which are tied together by a few bridges at both northern and southern points.

The island part is surrounded by beaches covered with white and soft sand mixed with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, this mix being an instant attraction for tourists from around the world. Because of more and more tourists decide to visit, the economy and tourism have flourished in these last years, leading to a significant rise in the number of resorts and hotels available.

Le Blanc Spa Resort

Le Blanc Spa Resort has been voted as the number one hotel which has an adult-only policy in Mexico making it perfect for a romantic getaway. Amenities such as Spa, Tours, Fitness Center, Sauna, Yoga or Pilates are available every day in order to make sure its guests stay happy and healthy during their visit.

Excellence Playa Mujeres

Another top destination in Cancun is Excellence Playa Mujeres all inclusive resort. It is situated in a rather remote part of the peninsula, surrounded by raw vegetation and being almost an oasis of luxury among miles of clear white sand. This is also an adults-only resort, having among its many amenities a world-class Spa, nine international restaurants, and a full list of different activities on both land and sea.

Sun Palace

The Sun Palace is another great couple destination, being one of the top adults only resort in Cancun. It is a dream vacation turned into reality for any person who gets to see in person the wonders that is has to offer. Overlooking the gorgeous clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, this resort offers its guests 252 guests rooms and suites each of them drenched in luxury and with a private balcony offering some amazing views.

Live Aqua

Live Aqua tries to entice its guests with a rather unique concept. This resort tries to combine the comforting feeling of a warm and cozy home with the luxuries most people dare not dream of. From the moment you walk into this paradise of senses you will be delighted. The views will amaze your eyesight, the chefs will delight your taste buds and the staff will take care of your every need.

Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Resort

Situated on the limit between Cancun and Paradise, the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Resort combines the best of two worlds. The raw environment and culture of the island is mixed in perfectly with the award-winning luxuries and comfort that this resort has brought to the island. Another delightful aspect would be the Kids Club, where children can enjoy full day supervision and activities suited to their age, including sand castle building, sea shell hunting and crafts.

These are only a few of the many resorts that Cancun has to offer. There are a lot more and we invite everyone to explore and choose which one would be good enough for them. From the ones which combine the culture of the island with the modern day luxuries to the simple ones that have devoted all their amenities so that their guests get all the pampering they deserve.

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