“Work from Home” in Breathtaking Bermuda

Are you tired of being cooped-up while you work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Why not spend the next year “working from home” on the gorgeous island of Bermuda? The economies of many island nations, who depend heavily on tourism, are hurting during the coronavirus pandemic.  In an attempt to remedy this concern, Bermuda, a self-governing British overseas territory in the western North Atlantic Ocean, is offering 12-month residencies to foreign workers and students who are able to telecommute.  The purpose of the one-year residential certificates is to boost the economy with new, temporary inhabitants, who will spend money for food, shelter, shopping, and recreational entertainment.

Beginning on August 1, 2020, foreigners can apply on the Bermuda government website to begin living the island life through the “One Year Residential Certificate Policy.”  This program allows non-Bermudians to work or study remotely from anywhere on the island for a twelve-month period, with unlimited entries and exits. This is especially attractive to people who normally work on the east coast of the United States because the island is easily accessible from major cities like New York on a nonstop flight. The one-time application fee is $263.  Applicants must be at least 18-years old. They must prove that they have the financial means or a continuous source of income without needing to find a job in Bermuda so that no Bermudians in the workforce will be displaced. Successful applicants must be able to work or study remotely via telecommuting. Students must be enrolled in a research, undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral program.  Applicants must be of good character and provide proof of health insurance coverage.

Once you’ve logged-off for the day, imagine spending your free time enjoying the pink sand beaches of Bermuda, snorkeling, golfing, or exploring the island’s rich history.  Social distancing can be very easy, and fun, in this beautiful island paradise.

About the Author: Clayton Miller

Hello Readers! My name is Clayton and I love to travel. My favorite ways to travel are cruises, trains, road trips, and flying (as long as I am not in the middle seat). I have set foot on six continents and I look forward to reaching all seven one day soon.