You Can’t Visit Tahiti Without Doing These 8 Things

Tahiti and her islands are one of those destinations where you can really kick back and relax. These are not only destinations for avid sunbathers, honeymooners and adventure travel enthusiasts, but they are also a great starting point to do something exotic, interesting and new.

1. Go snorkeling

There is plenty to see around Tahiti, but there is a whole new world to explore underwater. You have the option to snorkel at already marked destination, which include lagoons, wrecks and even diving in the open ocean. Truly something you have to explore on your own.

2. Try flightseeing

Island hopping is an interesting experience anyone should try, but why not do with style? Hop into the nearest helicopter flightseeing program and make sure to enjoy the view that is simply breathtaking. And you might even find an unexplored part of the island you can visit later on.

3. Stay in an overwater bungalow

Did you know that overwater bungalows originate from French Polynesia? The view is intense and up close, and feeling you get from staying in one is amazing, and really cannot compare to a hotel room, as posh as the latter is. Living right above a body of water that you could jump into at any point in the day, how cool is that?

4. Try local food

It of course goes without saying that you should try the local cuisine, because it would be rude to visit heaven on Earth without trying its delicacies. Although there is a large selection of fresh seafood and exotic fruit and vegetables, you should not leave without trying Tahiti’s national dish, Poisson Cru, tasty raw red tuna marinated in a blend of lime juice and coconut milk.

5. Take a cruise

Make sure not to miss out on the beautiful Tahiti cruises which are gorgeous and will give you a view of the island and the local area to remember for a lifetime. The pristine clear waters will ensure that your cruise is enjoyable, and that you get a chance to really relax and enjoy the Tahiti life to the fullest.

6. Try the local dance

Tahiti is famous for a number of different dance styles which are extremely fun to watch, but even more interesting to try out, even if you do not know the moves exactly. However, it is best to leave the ote’a style for the locals, as it is one of the traditional dances characterized by quick and wide movements which are great to watch at events.

7. Visit Gauguin museum and pearl museum

Indulge yourself in the local culture even more by going to visit the two most famous museums. The Robert Wan Pearl Museum, brings together the unique history of the pearl in the Tahiti culture, and the Paul Gauguin Museum which is a great exhibition of unique and modern art for those who are fans.

8. Try horseback riding

It would be simply a shame not to visit one of the local horse farms and to miss out on once in a lifetime chance to ride horses near the ocean with a gorgeous view all around you. Moreover, it is an experience that will make you reconnect with nature on various different levels.

Tahiti is a slice of heaven on Earth, and in order to experience it to the fullest, it is recommended that you try different activates and get engaged with local culture to see and feel what it is to be a Tahitian. However, the most important thing you need to remember is to have fun and to enjoy yourself.

We would like to give out thanks to Nicole on ours and our readers behalf for this post. We have enjoyed having her write a guest post for us and we welcome her to use us as a connection to her and our fellow readers at anytime.

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