You Must See These Incredible Places In The United States

Due to its large size, the American territory has a lot to offer when it comes to its natural environments. We have selected the top most scenic location which should be visited by anyone at least once during their lifetime. But these locations are not just for looking at, because nature trails, hiking trails and even natural climbing walls await those who visit.

Watkins Glen State Park, New York

Located outside of the Watkins Glen village, New York, we find the Watkins Glen State Park. Open to the public since 1863, this gorgeous park is divided into two major areas. The lower part is closer to the Watkins Glen village while the upper part is mostly open woodland.

The main attraction of this park, as you can see in the photos is a narrow gorge cut through rock by the Glen Creek stream. This stream descends for 400 feet or 121 meters and passes by 20 feet or 60 meters high cliffs. In its road, the Glen Creek creates 19 waterfalls that are gorgeous to look at. About halfway through its path, the creek is crossed by a stone bridge known as Rainbow Bridge from where people can observe a few of the gorgeous waterfalls.

For those who would like to spend a little more time and discover the beautiful secrets of this amazing park, we are proud to let you know that the park offers a few lovely camping sites, picnic tables and pavilions. Other facilities include pools, tent and trailer sites and even spots for fishing, hunting, hiking and even cross-county skiing. The park is open year-round but for those of you interested to visit, you will have to verify which activities are available during your visit.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

We move on to southwesters Utah, where we discover the Bryce Canyon National Park. Despite its name, this Park is not an actual canyon but more of a collection of natural giant rocks also known as tent rocks, fairy chimneys, earth pyramids or, simply, hoodoos. The colors of these hoodoos are in the area of red, orange and white, making this collection a beautiful sight for the eyes, especially combined with the dark green of the trees that grow among these tent rocks.

For those who would like to see this area up close there are several ways to explore and enjoy the spectacular views that are offered by this National Park. You can follow a scenic drive which passes through 13 viewpoints from where the park can be gorgeously observed. You can follow one of the 8 marked and maintained hiking trails, each of which can be traveled in less than a day round trip. There are also two overnight trails for those who would like to turn this visit into a camping trip. This point is also known for its clear air, which means that on bright days you can see New Mexico over 160 miles or 260 km away, and its dark nights, this spot being one of the darkest in North America from where 7500 start can be seen with the naked eye.

Niagara Falls, New York

We couldn’t name scenic points of America without mentioning the famous Niagara Falls. Even though this is one of the most popular tourist points in America and this had led to a certain loss of its charm, these falls are still a real wonder for the eye and deserves the attention of anyone that has never had a chance to see them up close.

These waterfalls are located right at the border between USA and Canada, many of them sharing the territory of both countries. The peak season of this location would be the summer time when the falls become an amazing attraction both during the day and night, the falls being illuminated until midnight by floodlights from both sides. The most popular activity preferred by the tourists is the Maid of the Mist boat cruise which brings people right under the falls and has been operating since 1846.

Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The Badlands National Park in South Dakota is our next stop for a gorgeous view over the American territory. We have chosen this destination due to its amazing wilderness filled with eroded buttes, pinnacles and spires, all combined with largest undisturbed surface of mixed grass prairie of the entire United States.

The rough beauty and simplicity of this area is what attracts so many visitors to it. Ancient mammals such as rhino, horse and saber-tooth cat are believed to have lived here but due to the intense hunting they have gone extinct. Today people can still spot animals such as bison, bighorn sheep, prairie dog or black-footed ferrets with are not as unique but still wonderful to see. There are two campgrounds that can accommodate tourists overnight for those who would like to spend a little more time in a gorgeous natural environment.

Zion National Park, Utah

Another national park of the American territory that has attracted out attention with its uniqueness and beauty is the Zion National Park. Located near Springdale, Utah, this gorgeous park has a unique geography including the Zion Canyon, which cuts through the lovely reddish and tan-colored Navajo Sandstone.

The unique geography of this park transforms it into the home of over 289 species of birds, 75 species of mammals, 32 species of reptiles and so many more species of plants. In order to observe what beautiful features this park has to offer, tourists can explore seven hiking trails with round trip times varying from half an hour to four whole hours

If hiking is not your cup of tea, you can still get plenty of activity done by trying some rock climbing, Zion being well known as a rock climbing center with four short walls available for those who would like a challenge. For those of you who would like a more calm and slow way to observe and enjoy the beauty of the canyon, horseback riding and nature walks are available from March to November. There is even a Junior Ranger Program for children between the ages of 6 to 12 which can be a fun and education summer activity for local children or those planning a longer stay.

In order to arrive at this National Park there is a road that leads right into the Zion Canyon. Visitors can stay at the Zion Lodge, eat at the motel restaurant, enjoy a coffee at the cafe and purchase presents for their loved ones at the gift shop in order to make this stay a full round trip.

Yosemite Valley, California

If you thought we were done with the national parks, think again. We have many more to offer as well as the entire territory of America. But we don’t have time for all of them, unfortunately, so this will be the last one we mention. The Yosemite Valley is just a part of the Yosemite National Park but it is the most beautiful part.

This valley is 8 miles or 13 km long, a mile or 1.5 km deep surrounded by tall granite summits and its bottom covered in a dense, deep dark, pine forest. The Merced River, along with several streams and waterfalls, keep the valley hydrated and cool. In the summer, when the water flow it’s at its peak, they also offer a lovely natural spectacle which should not be missed by anyone in the area.

When it comes to the flora, out of all the National Parks we have presented, the Yosemite Valley has the most luxurious and lush vegetation. The different shades of green offer a gorgeous natural environment in which tourists and locals can walk, hike and explore at their will.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

In the American Southwest area, we have discovered a slot canyon known as Antelope Canyon, which is our next choice for a gorgeous scenic American Spot to discover. This Canyon’s Navajo name is written as Tsé bighánílíní and literally means “the place where water runs through the rocks”, which is exactly the definition of a slot canyon.

This Canyon has been made through erosion into the Navajo Sandstone, which has a lovely shade or red/orange and, when hit by sunlight offers a unique and gorgeous picture. The erosion of this stone has been made primarily by flash flooding and other sub-aerial processes, mainly caused by rain water which gathered, especially during monsoon season. Floods still occur in these tunnels, so we ask those who wish to visit to pay attention to warnings and details regarding the Canyon.

As you can see from the photographs that we have posted, this Canyon is a major inspiration for photographers and sightseers, especially due to their waving shape and lovely colors that can impress any visitor, first time or returning. For those who would like a professional tour of the Canyon, which we recommend for any first time visitor, they can be purchased from 35 to 82 dollars, depending on the period, day time and length of the tour.

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